International Intellectual Property

International intellectual property advisory

I have a question, how to apply for international intellectual property?

What type of patent should I apply in China? Is there a difference between invention or practical type?

What is the application process in China?

Does it apply to the entire world after registered in China?

How much does it cost to apply in China?

What benefit does it provide for applying PCT?

GOLD KEEN provides free international property advisory.

The price for applying patent in China is much higher than applying a trademark trademark. Three points to know before applying for Chinese patant. Do not hastily ask for quotation from intellectual property firms for applying patent in China before understanding what should be protected.

The three focus points for applying Chinese patent.


Chinese patant act dictates: “ Practicality means the invention or new innovation of the product can be produced or used and results in positive productivity.”

Approximatley 99% of the ideas of the applications pass the productivity trial. After all, positive innovations has the chance of increasing profits.

However, ideas such as pivot the earth with a pole or wraping earth with plastic bag to reduce ultra violet radiation will not pass the practicality trial.


Inventions fits the following description qualifies for novelty.

Never appeared on publications.

Never been used pubically.

No patant application were applied of the same invention.

Although novelty has a grace period, however alot of allicants are unaware of that products or technology that has been in use in other countries for years cannot pass the novelty trial.


The judgement of creativity focuses on technology level, which must meet the following criteria:

It is prominent comparing to the existing technology on the date of application.

It is a significant improvement comparing to the existing technology on the date of application.

This progress is manifested in the invention overcomes the shortcomings existing in the prior art ;or as represented by the invention new technology trends ;or reflected in the invention excellent or unexpected effect.


Are you still interested in international intellectual property advisory for China after examining the above information?

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GOLD KEEN application for Chinese patant

Invention application

Products or method development or improvments; exclusive for up to twenty years; processing methods can be applied for patant as well; the review period takes one to two years.

Utility Model application

The shape or structure or the formulation of the product; exclusive for up to ten years; software and cardware combination qualifies as well; the review period takes two to six months.

Design application

Shape and designs that are beautiful and can be applied to industrial usage; exclusive for up to ten years; smart phone APP graphics and icons can be applied as well; the review period takes up to 10 months.

What other countries can GOLD KEEN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFIICE Provide service?

United States patent application

Although applying in the United States is stricter,

it is the fastest way to receive recognition of international investors .

PCT international patent application

You may receive extra eighteen months of international priority time through applying for PCT application .

Japanese patent application

Japanese application is the same as Chinese and German application.

Utility Model patent will be registered for faster processing time.

Why should I apply for patent?

Rights for invisible property

Significant commercial value that can be transferred, sold or pledged.  

Exclusive rights of patent

Exclusive marketing,

that stops competitors in business.

Enhance market value

Enhance product competitiveness and professional image,

Create a company patent wall

Improve business reputation

Start-ups looking for government grants plus points





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