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filming copyright statement, sculpture copyright statement, language copyright statement, art copyright statement, or international copyright registration. GOLD KEEN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFIICE protects your creativity. When an author finishes his/her writing, he/she is granted his/her copyrights instantly without the need to register for copyrights from the department of internal affairs. However, when two people advocates the writing is theirs, the timestamp on copyright statement may prove to be evidence in the court of law. After the statement of copyright is done, statement documents will be received, favoring the author with evidence of time period of completion.
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Should I register for copyright?

No, the current copyright law protects the author with copyright at the time of completion without the requirement of applying for copyrights. However, during the conflicts of copyrights, the author is required to provide evidence during the law suit.

Proof of author

Documents and drafts during the creation, providing the proof of ability and time used to complete the creation.

Proof of completion time

According to the supreme court judgement violating copyright requires both of the following. 1. contact. 2. similarity. Therefore, being able to provide statement of the time period of completion prior to the opposite party may proof that it is not a violation of copyright due to contact.
Copyright statement

So, what is the fastest way to protect copyright?

According to above, during court, the time of completion is the arguing point of both sides. Documenting the statement of copyright at the time of completion may provide strong evidence to prove time of completion. It will be easier to provide evidence to protect your own rights shall the conflict arise.
Copyright statement



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